Day 1 – A Picture A Day While My Soldier’s Away

Just a few of our Fort Campbell Wives friends got together for a potluck today.  I had a great time laughing with the women that have become a vital part of my Army Wife journey so far.  The pavilion was in the middle of nowhere and slightly mosquito infested, but we made the best of it nonetheless (as Army Wives always do HOOAH!!!!)  People brought some really tasty looking dishes.  I heard Brittany’s bleu cheese macaroni and cheese was A-Maz-ing.  I was dying to try Michelle’s chicken salad croissants, complete with grapes – the best kind!  In the end, I settled for a few bites of the dish I brought that I really slaved over… KFC.  AHAHAHA.  What??  I took the skin off, geez.  I suggested a group picture before we called it a day.  We wrangled up all the kiddos and piled on top of a picnic table.  Thankfully Catherine suggested to take a funny picture!  I just love Kylie’s “silly” face… Priceless 🙂   All in all, it was another magical day!


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