Day 2 – A Picture A Day While My Soldier’s Away

I struggled today with a painful kink in my neck.  Poor Kylie was bouncing off the walls with boredom, so we decided to take a trip to the park.  The lovely Landis family got Kylie a goodie bag of outdoor toys for her birthday, one of which was a kite.   Since it was such a beautiful, breezy day we brought the kite along.  Our friend Tracie and her kiddos met us at the park too.  All of the kids seemed to have had a great time.  It turns out that keeping a kite in the air is much harder than I expected!  We all took turns attempting to keep it airbound, and laughing when it took a nosedive towards Tracie nearly each time.  This picture is Kylie flying the kite mid- nosedive.  I think the trip to the park definitely made up for our mostly housebound day.  Oh, and great gift Whitney & family!


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