Day 4 – A Picture A Day While My Soldier’s Away

Today was such a gorgeous day that we decided to take a walk to the park this afternoon. Kylie’s grandparents gave her a new bike for her birthday, and she has been dying to take it out for a spin! We set out, ready to go – her with a helmet and me with my sunglasses. She insisted that she wear sunglasses too though, which I thought was pretty funny. She looked like such a big girl on her new bike; especially with the shades 🙂 Before we even got to the end of the driveway, I realized that she was nowhere near mastering the whole pedaling thing. She was not giving up on the bike ride though! I tried pushing her, but the bike is so short that it was a pain in my already injured neck. So, I went inside to find some rope to pull her instead. Why don’t we have rope in this house??? Gosh.  I improvised as a good Army Wife always does (HOOAH!!).  I found a pair of your Army boots and stole the laces – Ha!  It was great!  I tied it to her handlebars, pulled her along, and it was like having a piece of you there with us.  So what if 3 of my fingers have rope burn from her pedaling backwards and braking the whole time?  At least we made it to the park and back in one piece and unscathed – well, kinda. 🙂


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