Day 8 – A Picture A Day While My Soldier’s Away

Today we went to the Family Fun Fair outside of Gate 10 on post. There were pony rides, face painting, and bounce houses for the military kids. Kylie had a blast despite the heat index of 105. Yes, I said that correctly – 105!!! It was a special kind of Africa Hot. Poor Kylie got her face painted like a quirky kitty cat, and within 20 minutes it was running down her face! It didn’t seem to stop her though. She played hard and we even attempted a pony ride. I had to lead the pony while Kylie rode – sounds pretty simple, right? Wrong. Our pony kept stopping to eat the grass. When I attempted to tug at the rope to try to get it to keep moving, he would get mad and he would stomp around and shake his head. I grabbed Kylie and aborted the mission mid-ponyride. No pony is going to treat our princess like that!!!   Anyway, this picture was taken right before we started melting at the Family Fun Fair.


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