Day 12 – A Picture A Day While My Soldier’s Away

When people ask Kylie about her Daddy, her response is always “My daddy is at work for a long time.” Sometimes I feel as though I should explain it better to her, that maybe I’m misleading her by not making it clear just how LONG you will be gone… at work. Maybe I should tell her how important your job is. I never do though. We were in line at the commissary and there was a man in uniform behind us. As usual, Kylie has no fear in talking to whomever. “I’m Kylie, I’m 3” she said while holding her 3 fingers up sitting in the cart. He chuckled and said hello to her. I continued to unload my groceries to the cashier, and listened in on her little conversation. “Are you a Daddy?” She asked. “Yep”, he said smiling. “I have a Daddy too”, she said “he’s at work for a really long time.” He bent down a little closer to her and said “Well, I’m very proud of your Daddy.” She beamed throughout as she replied “ME TOO!” I knew at that moment that I didn’t need to explain anything further to her.


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