Day 16 – A Picture A Day While My Soldier’s Away

Thanks to the Army, Kyle was able to record a DVD of him reading a few books to Kylie while in Afghanistan. We finally received ours in the mail on Saturday. As much as I wanted to watch it right away, I decided to make it extra special and wait until Father’s Day morning instead. When Kylie woke up, I explained to her that it was Father’s Day and that Daddy sent her a surprise. I told her how much he wanted to be with us, but couldn’t. So, we snuggled in my bed and watched the next best thing – the DVD Kyle made for her. The adoration in her eyes was enough to make my heart skip a beat. By the end of Father’s Day, we had watched that DVD about 183 times. She knew most of the words and chimed in throughout the whole thing. Shortly after, I saw her in the living room surrounded by books in her own little world. I figured she was finished watching the DVD finally, so I was about to turn the TV off. She protested loudly; NO! I said hunny, you’re not watching it anymore. What are you doing? “I’m reading to Daddy, ” she said…


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