Day 27 – A Picture A Day While My Soldier’s Away

Right before we had Kylie, we had a whole room full of baby gadgets to put together. It sounds so sweet – new parents to be assembling gifts of love for their bundle of joy. Things aren’t always as they should be though. I remember only getting halfway through the construction of the baby swing before we were at each other’s throats. I wanted to read the instructions and go step by step, you wanted to just wing it. By the end of the day we had conquered the crib, bassinet, stroller, pack & play… to name a few. We had also established that when trying to tackle a project that required assembly, we were better off working solo. It was a healthy realization – one we can still laugh about. This picture was the start of Kylie’s new bunk beds. The project felt bigger than life, and for once I wish you were with me to take on this one… even if that meant you’d fight with me the whole time and tell me I’m doing it wrong 🙂


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