Day 36 – A Picture A Day While My Soldier’s Away

Kylie and I had a slumber party at Tina’s house out in the boondocks of Tennessee. Jenn & her children are visiting from Florida, so between hers, Tina’s, and Kylie it was a house full of crazy kiddos. We had fun though just as we always do when we visit them. We did the usual – 4wheelers, yummy food, smores, fireworks, and a firefly or two. Last time we were out there when you were home, Kylie was too small to ride any of the “toys” herself. I remember Jenn’s husband Keith got a new 4wheeler that day, and wanted you to give it a spin – in the creek!!! I almost had a heart attack when you were driving all crazy and almost sunk the brand new 4wheeler! I couldn’t help but laugh today too. Here was your daughter driving all crazy in this go cart as if she stole it. She nearly ran over everyone and everything. At least she didn’t almost sink it though, that’s all I’m sayin’ 🙂


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