Day 48 – A Picture A Day While My Soldier’s Away

It was another Africa hot kinda day. The kind of day where you just want to hang out in the air conditioned house because the mere thought of going outside has you breaking out in a sweat. The kind of heat that takes your breath away and makes you feel a little light headed from standing in it too long. We are under a heat advisory for the next few days – we have all been complaining nonstop about the heat. I can’t help but think about all of you in Afghanistan though. The temperatures are comparable, if not hotter, and yet we don’t hear you guys complaining. I think about all of the layers of clothes and gear you have to wear, the jobs you have to get done, and the general lack of comfort you all endure. Suddenly, I feel terrible for complaining and overwhelmingly grateful for all of you in Afghanistan. Thank you.


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