Day 60 – A Picture A Day While My Soldier’s Away

I took Kylie to the “National Night Out” on post tonight. It was intended to focus on crime awareness in a fun way and getting to know your neighborhood. Kylie was fingerprinted, we played a few games, and she loved the bounce house. As soon as the D.A.R.E. lion came around, nothing else mattered. She ran up to him, high-fived him, hugged him, and then proceeded to follow him through the park. As cute as it all sounds, she was oblivious to the amount of people around her and to my whereabouts whatsoever. She has never feared people. She will talk to anyone, and if asked would probably leave with anyone. Most of the time, I love her innocence and belief that all people are good. Considering the nature of the event though, I realized that it was time to harp on the “stranger danger” talks with her. I pray that we as parents are able to help her find that perfect middle ground – cautious & aware, yet… believing


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