Day 167 – A Picture A Day While My Soldier’s Away

Fort Campbell does something great for the kids each Christmas. They provide an address for children to mail a letter to Santa, and then they even respond with a letter back to the children from Santa! We did this last year and Kylie loved it. Last time it was a generic typed up letter from her school and we filled in the provided blanks of things that she wanted for Christmas. This year, my friend Amy gave me the idea to just write out what Kylie was saying instead. It was pretty hysterical to say the least. “Christmas” is what she insists that Santa’s name is, although I tried to tell her otherwise. She wants a birthday party for Christmas. I think she was trying to say that her jeep is pink and purple, which are her favorite colors. She wants a leapster explorer (not a car) haha. When she’s unsure if I’m upset with her or not, she will ask me “mommy are you being happy to me?”. I think it’s funny that she asked Santa the same thing!!!


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