Day 202 – A Picture A Day While My Soldier’s Away


Sarah flew into Nashville today to spend the holidays with Kylie and me.  Her boyfriend Chase wanted to be there to pick her up as well, so he joined me for the trip.  We stopped for some lunch first and then headed to Opryland to visit the ICE & SNOW displays.  This is our group shot at the beginning of the ICE display.  They make you wear these crazy thick blue parkas – I felt like the Michelin Man!  The display was pretty spectacular – everything was made of ice, even the walls!  Kylie thought it was cool too, but the slides made of ice most definitely topped her list.  She could have played on those all day long if I would have let her.  The SNOW event was fun too, but not as big as I anticipated.  We got to see a few reindeer and Kylie attempted to make an igloo and a snowman.  Her favorite part of this event was probably the snowball range though.  Later in the day, we visited the Jellystone park to watch the Shadrack’s Christmas Wonderland light display.  We had a fun day!


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