Day 205 – A Picture A Day While My Soldier’s Away

White Christmas

Although this picture wasn’t from today, it could have been.  Kylie and I experienced our first “White Christmas” this year.  The excitement and anticipation leading up to this day was overwhelming – posts littered Facebook and blogs about the upcoming snow.  I have to admit that I was tickled when the snow started falling on Christmas eve – everyone should get to have at least one white Christmas.  By today, however, the novelty had worn off.  The roads were nasty and cabin fever started to settle in for both of us.  We still went out and played in our little winter wonderland though.  Santa brought Kylie a sled, so we hit up a little bunny slope of a hill behind our house while Pixie bunny hopped all around.  It was short-lived but fun and at least I can say that we experienced a white Christmas the right way.  For the record, call me crazy but I think I prefer the Florida version:  white sandy beaches kinda Christmas.


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