Day 206 – A Picture A Day While My Soldier’s Away

The Aftermath of Christmas Cards

You know that you’re blessed with abundant friends and family if you have to steal your 3 year old’s alphabet magnets to fit all of your Christmas cards on your refrigerator!  One of my favorite parts of the season is getting the mail and finding your Christmas cards in there – bonus if it’s a family picture card.  I love covering my refrigerator door with them and seeing your beautiful faces each and every day.  Most of the time I will keep the picture part of the card hanging on my fridge after Christmas – as long as I like you enough to see you for the next year of course.

I have to do a rare thing and get on my soap box.  I have been informed of the trend of emailed Christmas cards this year, or even worse, a holiday picture uploaded to Facebook and tagging everyone that is an intended recipient.  Are you kidding me people???  What is this world coming to that we are too lazy and impersonal to send a card for Christmas?  Thankfully, no one was brave enough to subject me to the new trend this year.  After spending almost a week hand writing Christmas cards to soldiers in Afghanistan, and then at least a few days addressing the ones I sent out, I would probably be annoyed if someone took such a shortcut as tagging me on Facebook for my Christmas card!  There are always extenuating circumstances, I know.  Money is tight for everyone around this time of year.  As long as your reasoning is that and not just pure laziness then I guess I could let it slide.  You better be broke though – or just don’t send cards this year!  That’s all I’m saying on that note… lol


2 thoughts on “Day 206 – A Picture A Day While My Soldier’s Away

  1. Its sad that people emailed Christmas cards. I received only 6 real Christmas cards this year. I was shocked of the e-Christmas cards that our family had received. I want you to know that I was able to get 155 addresses from Soldiers Angels based out of San Antonio, Texas to send cards to deployed soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. It doesn’t take much to go and get a $1.00 card and place a 44 cent stamp. Heck go to the post office and they’ll do it for you. People are lazy and will always find a way to make excuses. Money is tight for many people but $1.44 is affordable at least once a week in my opinion. You have a huge heart and I am glad that I have been given the chance to know such an amazing woman!

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