Things I’ve Learned In 2010

  • I’m stronger than I think I am.
  • Lifetime friends are a rare find –  guard them with your heart.
  • Seasonal friends are common, but the role they serve during their season is often vital.
  • Puppies are like toddlers with fur that bite, bark, howl, and have to be potty trained without diapers.
  • Losing weight isn’t a cure-all.  I’m just lighter with most of the same issues.
  • All relationships require dedication and hard work to thrive and flourish – this is especially true of my relationship with God.
  • Kylie usually remembers most the things that should have been preceded with “EAR MUFFS!”
  • Saying “no” is perfectly fine and often liberating.
  • I don’t always have to explain why I said no!
  • My neighbors can hear every single little noise I make in my laundry room.  {That would have been nice to know when they first moved in}
  • When hard times cross my path, the help, support, and love that come from people {some even strangers} is overwhelming.
  • Motherhood is much more {difficult, stressful, chaotic, priceless, beautiful, tiring, enlightening, rewarding, sleep-depriving, enchanting, exciting, gross} than anyone ever fully reveals.
  • Three year olds are hysterical.
  • Moving away from family and friends isn’t the end of the world as long as you keep your worlds together in heart.
  • Kyle is so much more than I deserve in a husband.
  • I learn much more by listening than by talking.
  • It’s more important to be a great friend to a select few than to be just a friend to everyone.
  • Everyone is fighting something, somewhere, somehow.
  • I’m not too old to jump my cares away at Jump Zone.
  • Things jiggle that shouldn’t, and what should bounce back doesn’t.
  • I now understand completely why my mom used to bang her head on the door.

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