Day 210 – A Picture A Day While My Soldier’s Away

Happy New Year’s Eve!  With Sarah visiting, I actually had a sitter for the evening.  I had been trying to plan something exciting and crazy for about a month now.  I had a big group of girls interested, but throughout the month they started dropping like flies.  I have to admit that I was disappointed – I mean how often is it that one has a FREE babysitter on New Year’s Eve?  Each time that I tried to patch up the plans, something came up again.  Finally, my friend Cristin invited me to join her and Marcia to celebrate.  The catch was that it included all of our kids (5 girls to be exact) and an evening at Cristin’s in our PJs.  I realized that it was time to embrace the fact that when plans fall apart, it’s because they weren’t meant to fall into place.  The three of us brought our beautiful girls to a hibachi grill for a really tasty (and entertaining) dinner.  We moved our party to Cristin’s house for some dessert and dancing (well watching the little ones dance).  I enjoyed some priceless girl talk and then we all sat in our PJs watching the last minutes of 2010.  Counting down with noisemakers in hand, we shouted “HAPPY NEW YEAR”!  Everyone knows that a new years celebration isn’t complete without a kiss, and I was blessed to get the sweetest one from Kylie.  It’s no wonder that all of MY plans fell through – the best plan was no idea of mine.  Thanks so much Cristin & Marcia 🙂


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