Day 213 – A Picture A Day While My Soldier’s Away

Tara and Abby joined us for dinner tonight – we had a delicious and fun taco night!  Kylie and Abby played dressed up for a little while, and then came out into the living room and danced for us to the infamous “Like A Cheese Stick”.  We made brownies next, and here they are saying “CHEERS” with their brownie battered whisks.  I’m not sure which is their favorite – the batter or the baked brownies.  They had a fun night and entertained us all.  I hope that Tara and I are diligent as they grow older by keeping in touch {and keeping the girls in touch}.  Army life keeps families on the move often.  The wonderful aspect of that is limitless opportunities to meet new friends.  The true test is whether you can maintain the friendships that you’ve been blessed with along the way though.  So, here’s a toast to Tara and I making that happen!



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