Tangible Gratitude

Picture this:  You’re out for your morning run, or walking the dog, sight-seeing with a stroller… About the same time that you’re about to cross paths with another pedestrian, an out of control car comes screeching toward you.  The stranger runs, pushes you out of the way, and is killed on impact by the car.  Let that sink in for a moment.

Now… How does it make you feel?  What if you start to learn more about him – maybe that he was a really good man, well-liked, with an abundance of loved ones?  Why would he have done something like that for you?  You didn’t even know him!

This scenario has been on my mind since my meetup with some girlfriends.  I would feel baffled, amazed, unworthy, guilty, grateful, confused, blessed, and pressured to make this man’s choice and sacrifice worthwhile.   I would question my life and decisions – am I living as though he died in vain?  or am I making choices to honor the way he selflessly gave?

What if the scenario was different in that the man saved you and your children?  Maybe your whole family?  Let’s just throw in all of your friends and loved ones too.  Now, how do you feel?  How would you live your life and how could you possibly show your gratitude?

Put in real-life, every day terms, Christ’s sacrifice is more than I can wrap my brain around.  I can’t even begin to think of an acceptable way to show my gratitude.   I hope that I can remember to live every day with these thoughts in mind – how can I show my gratitude today?

*disclaimer*  I found this picture on photobucket, it was not taken by me 🙂


1 thought on “Tangible Gratitude

  1. At our bible study this week, one of my friends began talking about her baby daughter and all the struggles that have occured with her recovery since Finley’s birth. background: this girl was sick, everyday of her pregnancy. The smell of water made her sick. seriously.

    As she is boucing baby Finley on her knee, I asked her, “Would you have another baby again? It seems like so much for your body”. And she responded, “I would do anything to make him proud. I am happy with just Finley, but if I feel that God wants me to be a mom again, then I would do anything to make him proud.” She kind of teared up.

    Think about it. What would you do to make God proud? He’s your dad, your father, you know? Hmm…made me think. 🙂

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