Day 243 – A Picture A Day While My Soldier’s Away

Today was a bit of milestone for me – I’m officially down 120lbs.  It just so happens that it was also an evening of filming with Lifetime, so I was able to celebrate with friends.  I used to be a size 24 and I’m now a size 10 – this is me holding up my former size jeans.   I know that it’s a huge difference, but it’s really not.  I’m proud of myself, I really am.  However, I don’t want to forget the girl that wore those pants {not those EXACT pants, but that size anyway}.  I still have the same struggles with food choices, cravings, and the food addiction that I will probably be fighting for a lifetime.  I know that this journey of mine will never end.  It’s going to be a decision I have to make every day to avoid wearing those pants again.  From experience, I know that I could easily gain the weight and be right where I started – back in those pants.  I hope and pray that will never happen to me, but I also promise not to judge people who find themselves there.  I hope that more people can commit to do the same.  It’s a difficult enough battle on it’s own, without the added criticism from people who can’t relate; even more so from those of us who can.


8 thoughts on “Day 243 – A Picture A Day While My Soldier’s Away

  1. You know I am proud of you. Some people do not know how it feels to go through this as you and I have. You have came far. I was heavier than you and wore a size Womens 36 and now I am a 6/8. I have came far however; I believe for the rest of my life unfortunately I’ll still see myself as that fat girl that I once was. I have my moments where I see a donut and just go for it. I do know that I will NEVER allow myself to get big again. Keep up the great work April!

  2. Wow! That is incredible…you are incredible! I’m one of those who fluctuates through multiple sizes and weights over the course of a year or two. I’ll get motivated and lose and then get comfortable and gain. I am hoping that this time around it’s been more of a life change…because I’m not looking at it as just a number anymore, this is my life and the well being of that life. Still though, I think I’m addicted to food. Sometimes it is all I can do to not eat something really unhealthy and fattening…and most times I’ll given in then overeat and feel miserable and guilty. What is it with me and these cycles?! haha.
    Congratulations on your progress so far!! I can’t stop looking at that picture! As my dh always says, effort in anything is everything. And your effort shows.

  3. You look amazing! I didn’t know you when you wore those pants, but I am incredibly proud of you!! It takes a lot of courage and dedication to do what you’re doing. Great Job!!

  4. I remember when you were 8lbs and a bouncing baby girl!!! my love for you never changed…you have always been a delight! It has been a pleasure to be a part of your life. I love you. Aunt Mona

  5. Oh beautiful April, what a lovely person you are! I know I dont know you as well as the others but I honestly love your inner beauty! I met you at MOPS last year and ALWAYS thought you were and are such a stunning person, inside and out, big or small. My heart leaps with joy in the awesome journey you are on and the goals you have conquered. I dont know your entire story but do know that you have always come across as a kind and gentle-spirited person whom I have always felt comfortable talking too. That is a quality that most of us have on our goal list! You are an inspiration to sooo many people, not only in such an incredible weight accomplishment, but in the way you carry yourself. Yay for April!! God bless you my friend! 🙂

  6. holy moly. I am so proud of you cousin! Have faith in yourself…God and your family has faith in you. I am so proud that you are loving on the temple that He gave you and that YOU are just the person He designed for it. You have the tools and the strength, and you will have your biggest supporter back SO SOON! God Bless you girl, you are the most awesome inspiration! I love love love you!

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