Day 244 – A Picture A Day While My Soldier’s Away

Oh what a day!  Kylie was a nightmare for most of it – I mean pure HELL.  She was full of piss and vinegar, yelling at me, scowling at me, hitting me, spitting at me, and throwing things at me.  I had to take her to a friends house for an hour so that I could make it to a doctor appointment and I raced back over there in fear that Kylie may have traumatized someone.   I was told that she was fine, although I’m not sure that I believe it.  I was trying to get her shoes  and coat on to get out the door, and Kylie grabbed ahold of the back of her friends head by the hair and yanked on her.  The poor kid wasn’t even doing anything but walking by!  I snatched Kylie up and put her in the car, steaming the whole way home.  I tried a different approach to discipline when I got home though.  I didn’t yell or scold.  I told her that I was disappointed in her {gasp – that’s the worst!} and that I didn’t want to spend time with her if she couldn’t be nice.  I told her to go to her room until dinner time {about an hour away}.  This was borderline torture for her, as attention is like oxygen to Kylie.  After the hour was over, she seemed rehabilitated.  I was so relieved!  We snuggled up and started watching “The Princess And The Frog” together and I admittedly dozed off for what I thought were a few seconds.  I awoke to lipgloss being smeared all over my head and eyeshadow in my eyebrows.  {SIGH} – back to rehab we go…


5 thoughts on “Day 244 – A Picture A Day While My Soldier’s Away

  1. I’m kinda speechless! Poor April, that’s was too much for her to be doing all wrapped up in one day! I believe in the old-fashion way of a good spankin, then time-out. Sorry you had such a stressful day, but I do like the shade of your lip gloss!!

  2. The look on your face is AWESOME! I wondered what that was…but lip gloss makes perfect sense….that’s where I put mine, it’s most effective! haha!
    Sometimes when I read your posts my baby fever goes down, but then I see lip gloss on your head and it spikes all over again! 🙂

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