Day 250 – A Picture A Day While My Soldier’s Away

The snow came down pretty fierce this afternoon, so we were stuck in the house for the evening again.  Unfortunately, we started running out of things to do until Kylie begged to bake cupcakes.  I tried to dissuade her, as I knew that if there were cupcakes in the house then I would have to eat one!  I finally let her pleading twist my arm {it was a tough decision} and the cooking began.  Kylie wasn’t much help mixing and pouring the cupcakes – she spent more time licking everything in sight.  She loved icing and and decorating them though, and completed it almost entirely on her own!  I was very proud of her and I know you would have been as well.  Next, we sat down for a tea party with our cupcakes – complete with princess dresses.  OK, so my princess dress was more of a bath robe but we don’t have to tell Kylie that.  She proceeded to tell me that I was Cinderella and she was Sleeping Beauty.  She said that Hayden was her prince and that he was going to marry her.  I blacked out after that and don’t remember anything else…. just kidding {kinda}.


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