Day 252 – Welcome Home!

I can’t put into words the feelings that overcame me the moment I knew for sure that you were finally home safe.  I can honestly say that I didn’t believe it entirely until I found myself in your arms again.  My heart pounded in my chest and I couldn’t hold back my tears when I saw one trickle down your cheek.  I’m forever grateful to have you back here with us – hopefully for a long time.  I have learned that being a military family means the possibility of you leaving again at any time.  Fortunately, for that reason, we know how important it is to not take even ONE moment together for granted.  I love you, welcome home Kyle!

*All photos were taken by Tracie Fread


3 thoughts on “Day 252 – Welcome Home!

  1. I have no words… I so enjoyed the Welcome Home video the night he came home,and cried then…… Let’s just say , I’m gonna have to stop reading these posts at work… Not enough tissues !

  2. These pictures made me cry so hard. Before I was a military wife, I would smile and get a little misty eyed at pics like these, but now that I’m one of them, these are so emotional for me sometimes that I can’t take it. I am SO happy for you that Kyle is home and your family is back together again. 🙂

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