Keep Coming Home

Kyle wanted to attend another Homecoming ceremony to welcome home some friends and fellow soldiers from his unit.  It was fun to have him by my side this time while we held up signs and cheered for the soldiers returning home.  As Kylie was yelling “here come all the daddies!”, I felt the joy in my heart overflowing as tears in my eyes.  I looked over at Kyle and saw the emotions overcoming him too while his fellow soldiers stepped off that plane.  I realized that homecomings are emotional, even the second time around… whether you know the soldiers returning home or not.


3 thoughts on “Keep Coming Home

  1. Agreed! Homecomings are emotional no matter if you know someone coming home or not. I get tears in my eyes just looking at the pictures you have from homecoming(s). It inevitably makes me remember when my soldier came home and even though that was almost five years ago the memories from that day feel like it happened yesterday (I can still hear those hangar doors sliding open). So glad to see all the “daddies” coming home!! 🙂 These are the times of year that I don’t mind sitting in traffic around town because I know that it’s busy because so many families are reunited.
    And I’m especially glad that your family is reunited.

  2. Awww…. That’s so awesome that you guys did that! I can just imagine how awesome it is to have people there to welcome them, especially people who already have their own soldier home. It must let those soldiers know that they really are truly appreciated. 🙂

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