My Hero


Most people that know Kyle well would have a handful of words to describe him, “humble” being an anonymous choice.  Sometimes I would even dare to say that he may be humble to a fault – refusing to take credit for something he deserves or has rightfully earned.  For me, being aware of his overwhelming sense of humility means that I have to be proud enough for the both of us every now and then.  Anyone that knows me well is probably smiling now because that isn’t a hard task for me by any means.  I am always proud of Kyle and all that he does for us as a family.  Yesterday, however, was a very special circumstance.  Kyle was awarded the bronze star medal at his award ceremony for his actions in Afghanistan.  My heart was bursting with pride when his name was called and I felt the pride overflowing as I watched him receive his award.  He will probably refrain from sharing this accomplishment with people.  Since there is a slight possibility that my pride wasn’t enough for the both of us, I wanted to make sure I shared it with all of you.  Congratulations to my hero!


5 thoughts on “My Hero

  1. Congratulations to Kyle!! That is amazingly awesome.

    My hubby often says that if it weren’t for me being so proud then he probably wouldn’t be. To him..what he has done as a soldier was merely a job but to me it is so much more. I think that when we have humble husbands it is our jobs as wives (proud ones, at that) to be their voice when it comes to their service. And Lord knows, I’d shout how proud I am from the rooftops if I could. It’s just another reason as to why I’m confident we’ll be great friends…

  2. I don’t even know either one of you but can honestly say I’m proud of you both ~ Kyle for the service he provides to EVERY “FREE” American, God bless you Kyle and may He keep you safe and return you to your family safely and April, for being the AMAZING woman behind the soldier!! God bless you (and your daughter) too!!

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