Project Christmas Card

Last November I started “Operation Christmas Card” along with some fellow Army Wives here.  We invited {begged} friends and family to please send a Christmas card to a list of soldiers – each of our husbands included.  The idea was that the consistent influx of holiday mail throughout November and December would hopefully ease the hardship of being alone at war for Christmas.  The project took flight and really soared – the response was truly overwhelming!  It was immediately clear that begging was unnecessary – people {even strangers} were honored to take part in it.  Kyle and the list of soldiers received Christmas cards and care packages from all over the country for months!  Some were from our family and friends, others were from fellow Army wife family and friends.  Many were from complete strangers.  To say that the project worked would be a huge understatement.  Kyle said the constant mail kept his spirits up, made him feel appreciated, and showed him how kind and supportive people really are.  He tried to write thank-you cards during the scarce free time in Afghanistan, but couldn’t thank everyone unfortunately.  For that reason, I wanted to take the time to give a heartfelt thank you to all of you that blessed my husband and the list of soldiers last Christmas.  It truly meant more than you can imagine.

After returning home to us and getting settled here at Fort Campbell, Kyle received a few cards in the mail that were forwarded from Afghanistan.  Apparently, he was on the move when the cards reached the country and didn’t make it to him in time.  Amazingly enough, they made it back here though!  I knew the project was a success and I could imagine how all of the love and supportive mail would make him feel, but I was never on the receiving end during the project until now.  These cards were from a girl scout troop and a math class – complete with pictures.  I started crying.  I finally felt an inkling of how these soldiers must have felt this past Christmas.  I am so blessed to have friends and family who not only support my husband and many other soldiers, but also ask their friends and family to do the same.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you all.



1 thought on “Project Christmas Card

  1. what a blessing you are April. I work for Dr. Jessica Mansfield, who served in the Navy as a dentist aboard the Enterprise. I have shared over the last year alot of your posts, and her comments to me are so encouraging, she and I are so impressed, how great these men and women have it now with the current technology. To be able to see each other on the PC and share a smile with loved ones. You opened your precious few moments with Kyle with all of us this past year and I really am not sure who I am more proud of…you or Kyle. Both. God made you one on your wedding day and you made that real for so many of us through these posts. Thank you both. Thank you for sharing so many precious moments with your family (whom I miss). It was a pleasure to send a card to Kyle…and recieve a note back from him. One of my favorite days this past year I might add. Can’t wait to see and hug your family. your favorite Aunt Mona!!!

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