From Pixie, with love.

Hey everyone!  It’s me, Pixie.  I finally got to meet my “Dad” and I couldn’t be happier – can you tell?  He takes me for walks every day, sometimes even two or three times a day!  He likes to run with me too, which Mom never did.  He gives me treats all day long and even plays fetch with me.  I have my own basket full of toys and get lots of belly rubs too.  I have a dirty little secret though.  I bite him!!!  I know I shouldn’t but sometimes I just can’t hold back.  Mom says if I can’t learn to play nice that she’s going to pack up my toys and kick me out.  That’s why I don’t bite her – she gets that crazy look in her eyes.    Dad still has some hope for me though, I think because I’m so cute.  I mean who could resist a smile like this?  I promise I’ll try to keep my teeth to myself more often…




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