3 Going On 13

This would be my 3 year old talking on a cell phone and playing on a lap top simultaneously.  I thought I had years before I would see this sight!  Kylie has been obsessed with her cousin Chloe lately.  Since Chloe lives in Florida, it’s been a tough obsession to squash.  Kylie saves a seat {along with a plate} at the dinner table for Chloe, stores away extra treats for her, sets aside special hairbows for her, and already has the top bunk made up and ready for a sleepover.  She even had her teacher convinced that we were leaving for Florida to go pick up Chloe!  My sister Crystal and I decided to let them Skype for a while in hopes of filling the gap of distance between them.  It was adorable!  Crystal and I just walked away and let the girls do their own thing.  They talked for nearly an hour!!!!  Some of it was on the phone because we had sound issues initially, but afterward, most was on Skype.  I heard them talk about princesses and playing dress-up together, their favorite colors, and planning an upcoming sleepover.  I watched them have a silly face making contest and compare boo-boos.  I nearly died laughing when I heard Chloe exclaim, “Kylie, I don’t pick my nose and eat my boogers anymore!!!”.  She was so proud {as I’m sure Crystal must have been}.  The whole thing made my heart smile for many reasons:  I’m glad they’re so close {while so far apart}, grateful for the technology to have these moments together, and relieved that their conversations are about silly faces, princesses, and boogers… for now anyway.


7 thoughts on “3 Going On 13

  1. Those pictures are so cute! I come downstairs in the mornings and catch Abby with my cell phone to her ear (not talking to anyone) with my laptop sitting in her lap. She just turned 2! I thought I had a while too till all of this started. Oh well, your right, as long as they talk about princesses and silly faces and boogers for now, it’s all good and so stinkin cute!

  2. Of course they are so close!!! Remember all of us as kids? I can remember Mandy and Crystal trucking me around and showing me how to be a grown up girl…I can remember signing grundge songs with Christina and admiring her collection of converse kicks…I remember trying to dance like Maria and play ball like Trish…I tried so hard to dress like tall Tracy in my short Desiree body 🙂 The older girls in our family were always so amazing to me. I was the youngest for A LONG time, until Danielle and Sarah came along. All these little girls in our lives have some pretty awesome women to look up to…no wonder they are all so close 🙂 yay for little girl dreams…ahhh

  3. Emily did this with my sister’s daughter Alora for a while when we first moved here, and she’s definitely old enough to know better. How adorable but sad that Kylie misses Chloe so much! That’s so awesome that you let them Skype though!

  4. Chloe and Kylie were absolutely adorable. I loved seein their faces light up! Now everyday, all day Chloe asks to skype with Kylie. Cannot wait for their real sleep over in 5 days!!!!!

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