Does the barista really make a difference?

In an effort to spend less money on  coffee each month, I have been asked by my dear husband to please make them at home more often.  I begrudgingly obliged, and have since committed to being a barista each morning {ok,  most mornings}.  My drink of choice is a sugar-free flavored latte with skim milk.  I have an espresso machine at home along with all of the premium ingredients to make a latte to die for.  I even have a few flavorings to choose from:  vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, and chocolate.  The homemade lattes are half the calories of the cafe kind, yet I still fight the urge to buy a coffee instead of making one.  As I was sipping on my masterpiece one morning, my husband asked me “How is it?  Better than Starbucks?”.  I didn’t even have to think before I replied emphatically, “No!”.   He asked what the difference was in my opinion, to which I took the time to answer.  I knew the difference, but saying it aloud was a big step.  I took a deep breath and spilled the {coffee} beans.  “The difference is that someone else makes it for me!”.   He laughed at my reasoning {BIG mistake}.  I’m curious to see if he will still be laughing when he is playing barista, making my latte in the morning.  🙂

My recipe:                                                                                                                                                 2 shots of your favorite Espresso Coffee
2 ounces of any Torani Sugar-Free Syrup
3/4 cup of Horizon organic fat-free milk

Voila!  Enjoy – and may you always have a barista!


5 thoughts on “Does the barista really make a difference?

  1. I agree…my at-home coffee is rarely as good as when it’s made by someone other than me. I do also agree that what they charge to make my coffee is ridiculous and yet I still make my way through their drive through more often than I’d like to admit on the internet! 🙂

    Can’t wait to hear how much Kyle loved being your barista! hehe!

  2. I don’t attempt to make fancy coffee drinks at home… I just brew regular coffee and enjoy that in the mornings. LOL Starbucks drinks are a treat for me I only allow myself if I’m at a coffee date with friends.

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