Fitness Challenge Day 1

These pictures are from last spring when my mother was visiting.  She is notorious for always finding a way to make exercise a priority in her life.  She wakes up painfully early most mornings for the sole purpose of working up a sweat.  My admiration runs deep for my mother for many reasons, and this one ranks high on the list.  I have never enjoyed exercise, nor made it a priority in any way.  I remember snapping these pictures with my iPhone of Kylie exercising with my mom while I lounged in the recliner and watched.  It occurred to me then how impressionable this was for a 3 year old – my mother was setting an example for my daughter that would prove to be priceless for years to come.  Since last spring, I have continued to struggle with my aversion to exercise.  Today was my first day of my 40 Day Fitness Challenge though, so I had to step outside my comfort zone.  I popped in my Billy Blanks – Cardio Bootcamp Live DVD and got to work.  It wasn’t long before Kylie was exercising with me too {complete with a FSU jerseyon}, and I knew we were in the middle of making a memory.  Since my mother doesn’t live here and can’t possibly exercise with Kylie everyday, it’s up to me to set that example for her.  I can give her the priceless gift of learning to love fitness at an early age, and knowing the importance of making it a priority.  I am only one day into my challenge so far, and have already learned a valuable lesson.  I’m looking forward to the rest of the journey!

If you are taking on this challenge with me, what kind of exercise did you do for today?  I love reading about new ideas and different preferences!


15 thoughts on “Fitness Challenge Day 1

  1. Great job April! Wow! Can’t say I’m as motivated as you (or your incredible Mom), but I did manage to get in a good 2 mile walk today. …maybe more later, who knows.

    You go girl!

  2. I am sooo tremendously proud of you April.. I am proud to say you are a sister by extension to me!!!!!! And yes your mom shows amazing examples to being a great mom..

  3. Great post! Love the pictures of your mom and Kylie! And I’m so proud of you for hanging out with Billy today! I wish I was more “into” exercising…but I have found that doing it early is much easier for me than putting it off all day (what I usually do). This morning the hubby and I did yoga. It’s not the most strenuous workout but it’s more than I would typically be doing. Day one…conquered!!

  4. I feel you on the whole hating to workout thing. I have found that I’m more apt to do it if it’s something I actually enjoy doing though. I have some Zumba dvd’s coming in the mail…we should get together and try it! It could end up being hilarious LOL!

  5. Today I took our dog on a walk/run around our block. Just getting over tendinitis in my shins is making it hard, but i’m willing to stick with it!!

  6. I went to OnDemand channel and did the “bridal bootcamp” show!!! yes, Im already married…but I LOVED how I looked at my wedding…i worked my butt off and it paid. Not so proud of how I changed those work out habits during my first year of marriage BUT that’s where this challenge comes in.

    So, Im going to treat my very good friends wedding on Easter Weekend in Key Largo like it was my own. I will work out and be toned and ready for that bikini weekend if it kills me! lol Thanks for the inspiration!!!

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