Fitness Challenge Day 2

I intended to check out a Zumba class tonight at the gym down the street from my house, but it was sold out when I got there {15 minutes early in the freezing rain}.  Annoying.  It’s only day 2 of my challenge, and I am already struggling with motivation and determination.  I wanted so badly to return home and just relax with my family.  Fortunately, since I have committed to blog about this challenge, I knew that all of you would be expecting to read about my progress.    I did return home, but I tried out a new DVD Dance Your Ass Off instead.  It wasn’t too bad – cheesy at times but fun nonetheless.  Kylie enjoyed dancing with me too.    Accountability is a wonderful thing.  Thank you all for your support and participation in this challenge.  You keep me going {and hold me accountable} without even knowing it!

Check out these friends that are doing the challenge too:  Brittany & Anna


10 thoughts on “Fitness Challenge Day 2

  1. Woo hoo for holding yourself to doing something, even if it wasn’t the original you had planned =D …all I managed was a run through the Comissary, but I’m going to do some yoga here in a few minutes. At least it’s something, I suppose.
    Way to go April! 2 down =D

  2. Good for you for deciding to work out, even though your Zumba class was filled! It took a lot for me to get motivated today to work out. Yesterday I did Turbo Jam for the first time in forever and it has me SO sore today!! But I did it again today, so I am glad I did it. LOL

  3. You GO GIRL! Now I’m seriously beating myself up for having a piece of pound cake for breakfast 😦
    After reading this I feel terrible…but that may be what I need! Your inspiring me….keep it up! You are so good for going home & doing video…so many would give up atleast for that night & go home & watch TV …so give yourself serious PROPS for that decision!

  4. April,
    I work with your grandmother Mary at the IRC Library….it is through her that I have recently joined your blog (how proud she is of you!!). I am thoroughly enjoying your posts….today I read the “Zumba” post and I have to tell you keep trying to make it to the class!!! I have been doing Zumba now for a little over a year at the library and I can’t tell you how much fun it is!!! I am not the fittest person, however thru Zumba I have been able to maintain the little weight I have managed to lose. Zumba is exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise! I have tried other things throughout the years and I have to tell you that this is the longest that I have stuck with an exercise plan! Best of luck to you and I look forward to your future posts 🙂

  5. I decided to add 30 minutes of cardio to my normal routine for my challenge. I wear a heart rate monitor and it gives me the calories burned – which I highly recommend by the way. This morning I did my weight training routine and then 30 minutes of treadmill at an incline and burned 713 calories!! Talk about kicking in the metabolism!! Thanks April, for getting me on a different track as well!!

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