Daddy-Daughter Time

I love being married to a man that is whole heartedly invested in his daughter.  He thoroughly enjoys their time with one another – from making lumpy pancakes together to playing rodeo and letting her ride the “horsie” all around the house.  I watch in admiration as he laughs with her throughout bath time, patiently allowing her to explore her inner artist and cover his head and face with bath paints.  If I had to choose what could possibly be Kylie’s favorite Daddy & Daughter time, my guess would be story time.  Kylie has always been a bit of a bookworm – she can easily get lost in a pile of good reads from her mini library.  Each night before bedtime, she is allowed to pick out three of her favorites for one of us to read to her.  This night she picked  Put It On the List, My Daddy and Me, and Disney Princess Collection (Disney Storybook Collections), some of her most popular choices.  Since Kyle has returned home to us, Kylie wants nothing to do with me during this special time {and I’m not complaining}.   I couldn’t resist capturing them in the recliner together in the midst of their precious Daddy & Daughter time.  I hope that she will always realize how blessed she is to have a father as wonderful as Kyle.





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