Fitness Challenge Day 4 – Intentionally unintentional.

Sometimes I let my “all or nothing” mindset get the best of me.  It can be quite the  self-defeating mindset if you have never had the misery of experiencing it.  I look at a task and determine that it must be done perfectly or not at all.  It must be completed with expertise and finished over the top.  I set my expectations so incredibly high that I am defeated before I even begin.  The result is almost always me choosing nothing in the midst of the “all or nothing” mindset.  I have noticed these thoughts creeping in throughout this 40 Day Fitness Challenge, but I refuse to entertain them anymore.  Thoughts like “I have to burn X amount of calories for it to be considered exercise”, or “if my heart rate does not reach X, then this can not be considered exercise”.  Although those thoughts would be admirable for someone deeply rooted in physical fitness, they are extreme for someone like me who is only four days into a program.  I believe that exercise can be as little as playing duck duck goose with your children, spring cleaning your house, or dancing with your husband on date night.  For me, exercise was walking around the zoo all day with my family – intentionally unintentional.  Here are some photos I captured on this beautiful day.


5 thoughts on “Fitness Challenge Day 4 – Intentionally unintentional.

  1. GREAT shots… I really love the close-up of the giraffe. 😀
    I know what you mean about the exercise. Yesterday I kept struggling with guilt over not doing a Turbo Jam workout, but when I realized all the running around I did yesterday, and all the up-and-down the stairs and stuff I did while cleaning house, I realized I needed to lighten up a little, too.

  2. Hey April,
    I love your photos of the zoo. You are a good photographer. I am going to check out your 40 day plan. Good luck with your mindset and go a little easy on yourself. Also, tell Kyle we received his letter and we say the pledge every morning except for know I think of him:) Tell him thanks too for writing back.

  3. You are so right April! Yesterday, I was up at 8am and worked my tail off all day until the rental company picked up the events stuff at 2 am. There was no need to work-out…ALTHOUGH I did walk the mile to and from the Green Market to get my flowers for the event! yay!

    Proud of you and Love you!

  4. I can totally relate (I’m sure you’re getting tired of hearing/seeing me type that sentence). I’m mostly like that about my photography. If I edit my photos for some (stupid) reason I think that that picture is no longer “mine” and most of the time my “all or nothing” attitude when it comes to pictures is to just do nothing with the hundreds (read: thousands) of pictures I do take. I get too wrapped up in thinking what other people will think of my work that I take no pride or give my photos any credit. I’ve beaten myself before I’ve even allowed anyone else to peek in. Sigh. Such a nasty cycle!!
    I believe exercise is doing anything that you wouldn’t typically be doing …and going to the zoo definitely counts (all that walking!), I think you’re doing great and I wouldn’t be doing as well on this journey without you!

    Btw, your zoo pictures are absolutely GORGEOUS!

  5. Yayyyy!!! Does that mean running through airports is adequate and I don’t have to powerwalk the terminal for 30 minutes??

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