Fitness Challenge Day 5

“No Mommy, that’s MY cookie!”

Since Sundays are excluded in Lent, they are also excluded in my 40 Day Fitness Challenge.  I thought this would be something to celebrate – who wouldn’t want to have a day off from exercise?  Although I didn’t necessarily miss the required thirty minutes of exercise, I did learn a valuable lesson.  I realized that I tend to eat healthier on days that I work out.  I can’t say that this is true for everyone, {if it is please share with me!} but I noticed that I was hungrier on Sunday and found myself picking at everything in sight.  When my days begin with exercise, or at least have some sort of fitness aspect to them at some point, my diet seems to follow suit.   My guess is that exercise and hard work keep me on track with my caloric intake – maybe because no one wants to “waste” hard work?  Perhaps it’s a little glimpse of how we are created to be.


3 thoughts on “Fitness Challenge Day 5

  1. I notice this about myself too… If I get a good workout in, I tend to make better choices for my meals, and I definitely drink plenty of water…

    I didn’t know the workouts were excluded on Sundays! Now I don’t feel so bad ’cause I “skipped” today. LOL

  2. I am the exact same way! I ate poorly Sunday and since I missed (read: slept through) morning yoga I didn’t eat as good as I could today that was until we did yoga tonight now I have powered through my last 4 cups of water AND took my vitamins. 🙂 lol! I am actually looking forward to working out tomorrow (sorta) just so I can get back to better food choices because I feel pretty full! haha, whatever works I suppose!

  3. So true! If I exercise I eat well the entire day. If I do not exercise on a day, I eat poorly. Exercise makes you feel positive in all areas.

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