Family Resemblance?

I stumbled across this slideshow from the New York Times titled Dogs and Owners:  A Family Resemblance.  I have heard the hypothesis that with time, owners start to resemble their pets {or vice versa}.  I have even witnessed a few very striking similarities over the years.  The slideshow was entertaining, although my favorite photo on this subject is the infamous Anne Geddes comparison of a chubby baby and a shar pei puppy.  After thinking this through further, I decided to share our own “Dog and Owner” picture and let you be the judge of the resemblance.  Personally, I find it very striking…

{I’m so dead for this}


4 thoughts on “Family Resemblance?

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the slideshow. Some of the resemblances are surprisingly close. My mom has 2 Yorkies and she looks like them, ha.
    PS Love the picture of Kyle and Pixie, haha!

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