Riding the baby train, or not.

This is our first family picture – little Kylie was only 10 days old.  Kyle and I have been discussing the possibility of attempting to expand our family in the near future.  Some days we can see ourselves with a new baby, starting over again and other days we can’t possibly imagine it.  I assume the latter is mostly due to crazy Kylie days {or the stress we see on the faces of other new parents}.  Although it has been nearly four years, I remember those days all to well.  It seems like just yesterday that I was overwhelmed with the cluelessness that accompanies motherhood, the sleeplessness, and the never-ending worry that I wasn’t doing enough {or doing it right}.  I stumbled across a few entertaining blog entries with these thoughts in mind and wanted to share them with all of you:   The Top 10 Most Ridiculous Baby Products Ever, 10 Most Ridiculous Mom Products, and  Top 10 Worst Kids Gifts Ever.   I had a good laugh over these and I hope you do too.  Regardless of our decision to revisit parenthood of a new baby or not, I love that we are able to look back and laugh at ourselves now!


3 thoughts on “Riding the baby train, or not.

  1. Yeah…me too! Not to mention the fact that you’re always running into a preggo person or a newborn that makes you do the “awww I want another one dance!”….then yours stresses you out and you’re like…”uh…no more!”…it’s a vicious cycle.

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