Hooah! {or something like that}

I am a fan of the Army life that we live.  I love being able to stay at home with my daughter, make new friends all over the country, and I beam with pride when I am asked what my husband does for work.  I feel it’s a privilege to live among heroes {and their families} every day.  With that being said, this life is not all butterflies and fairy tales.  In fact, most days it’s anything but.  Now that most of our soldiers are returning home over the next six months, there will be a big turnover in the company that we keep.  The Army is infamous for relocating families soon after the soldiers return home, and I am already starting to see the proof of this.  My neighbors {and wonderful friends} were just sent to Georgia – I’m not sure who is more heartbroken about this, Kylie or me.  Their daughter Abby was Kylie’s little friend instantly, and living next door!  The neighbors are just one of many of our friends that are leaving us too soon.  Cristin and Kylie’s friend Marlie will be Georgians this summer too.  My dear friend Renee just informed me that their time at Fort Campbell will be coming to an end as well.  This is one of the downfalls of the Army life.  As quickly as people come into your life and bond like family, they are moved out of your life just the same.  It can be a hard lesson to learn, and even more difficult to refrain from building up your defenses and warding off new friendships in the future.  I will make new friends, I know.  The friends that leave impressions on your heart are impossible to replace though.


2 thoughts on “Hooah! {or something like that}

  1. But here’s the other great thing – we will end back up together somewhere down the road! Until then we will miss you though!
    I hope we can see y’all soon and have lots of fun this summer!

  2. Definitely one of the down-sides to Army life…I’m sorry for you and for Kylie since so many of your sweet friends are moving away. It does make it difficult to be open to new friends when you know there’s a possibility that they will be moving soon as well, oh how I wish it was always butterflies and fairy tales!!

    Sidebar: Now that hubby’s out we won’t be going anywhere for a few years and even when we do it will most likely be only to Nashville… 🙂

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