Our Little Bag of Blessings

Life is full of ups and downs, curves in the road, and sometimes even complete road blocks. Choosing to focus on the positive is not always easy, but it can make LIFE easier if you make the attempt. The decision to dwell on the ups instead of the downs has to be a deliberate, daily one. It will most likely be easier to focus on the negative, but challenge yourself to find something wonderful and beautiful in your every day moments.

I am certainly not an expert in this field, and recently my family has been seeking a way to become more grateful and positive. I stumbled across this idea of a “bag of blessings” and we jumped all over it. Kylie and I pulled out a leftover gift bag, some scrapbook paper, and a glue stick and got to work. The concept involves each of us writing down our blessings daily and tossing them into our bag. This will continue until Thanksgiving day when we will sit together and read all of the things we have to be thankful for over the past year. Kyle was thankful for some spiritual advice he received, Kylie was most grateful for her new book she got at the book fair at school. I wrote that I was blessed with the cool idea {wish I could remember where from, sorry!} I am excited to watch all of us focus on the every day miracles in our lives together!


6 thoughts on “Our Little Bag of Blessings

  1. Well your message spoke loud and clear to me…..I have been struggling with so many things lately and find it VERY DIFFICULT to focus on the good that I know is there!! THANK YOU 🙂

  2. I just prayed tonight for God to help me focus on the positive things in life and put down all the negative thoughts that are so prevalent and Waa Laa April is used by God to help me do just that.. You are a blessing April, Kyle and Kylie….. Aunt Linda

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