Super Cute Easter Cupcakes

I stumbled upon this idea for some fun Easter cupcakes and couldn’t resist to make an honest attempt. I’m no kitchen connoisseur {as most of you are well aware}, so the task may have seemed a bit more daunting to me than any other person. All things considered, I think my little creations turned out pretty darn cute!

I intended on having Kylie as a partner but she was too busy singing, “Little Kylie rotten tail, stinking up the bunny trail” instead. Even flying solo, I had a lot of fun with these. I nearly passed out from diabetic shock in the process {just kidding, kinda}. There was a whole lot of temptation going on and maybe I had a few weak moments… or 10.  Next time I may attempt this recipe instead to save myself the sugar overdose and earn protein points instead {the bariatric patient’s mantra}.  It looks as if I need more baking expertise to attempt that one though.

Is there anyone interested in baking the sugar free version and bringing me 1? {or 10}


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