Hi!  My name is April in case you forgot.  I figured I should begin my post with an introduction being that over two months have passed since I have written anything!  Although my blog has been uneventful during that time, my life has been quite the opposite.  Let me get you up to speed… In the last two months I have:

Celebrated my 1 year anniversary of my gastric bypass surgery and the loss of 120lbs.

Finished my first 5k. Visited friends and family in Florida Relaxed on a romantic vacation in the Virgin Islands with my husband. Smiled as Kylie was a princess for a day at Disney World Watched our “baby” girl blow out 4 birthday candles. Finally got up the nerve to launch my own photography business {with the much needed help of my granny Mary} Blessed beyond belief to be able to work and learn from a few wonderful photographers locally – thank you Tiffany Hall and Jamie Schuster!!!

I’ve worked my tail off trying to get this new business off the ground.

Finished my SECOND 5k with a better time of 30:37

Celebrated Independence Day with friends and family!

That about covers things for now.  See?  You didn’t miss so much!  I will try to be a more diligent blogger these days, but in the meantime make sure you check out my new Fan Page on Facebook:  www.facebook.com/picturedmomentsbyapril


3 thoughts on “Hello.

  1. When life is too busy to blog with great things happening. We celebrate!!! You look amazing but then I always thought your were beautiful

  2. LOVED your catch up post! I’m tired just reading all of it! 🙂

    P.S. You’re beautiful!!! Inside and out! And can I say I’m so glad that we finally got to meet!!!

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