Happy Birthday Pixie!

Since Pixie was abandoned at a Fire Station, we don’t know her EXACT birth date.  When we were contemplating adopting her, I took her to a vet to have her checked out first.  I wanted to make sure she wasn’t considered a “vicious” breed {ie pitt bull or chow} and I wanted to find out her age.  At that appointment, Pixie weighed in at 5lbs and I was assured that she was definitely a lab mix {LIES!!!} and that her date of birth was estimated to be around October 1st, 2010.  I’m not sure why I even paid for the trip to the vet – Kylie had already adopted Pixie from the moment we first saw her.

The next year proved to be a huge lesson in being a pet parent!  Potty training a puppy in the snowy winter is pretty much pointless.  Puppies are sweet and cute and cuddly for about 2 weeks – then they grow.  Alot.  Even more than alot.  Bigger.  They eat a lot.  More than that.  Yep, even more.  Oh and they eat everything.  Yes, that too.  Oh, even that!  They have to be walked, they have a LOT of energy, they like to jump on people, and they poop A LOT.  Oh more than that.  HA… way more than that.  The funniest thing about puppies is that even when they’re big enough to completely rip a jogging stroller out of your hands and drag it via leash down the road full speed chasing a squirrel… they still think they’re about 5 pounds, sweet, cute, and cuddly.

So, happy birthday Pixie.  You’re part of the family now you vicious little 60lb pit bull/chow mix.  We love having you around, even if you drive us crazy sometimes.  If nothing else, you’re cheap, non-stop entertainment.   🙂


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