A picture worth a thousand words {or 5 perfect little letters}

Kylie has struggled with fine motor skills from day one.  She has always been just a hair behind in the department – whether it be grasping things as an infant or unbuttoning a shirt or fastening a buckle as a 4 year old.  She still can’t open most doors on her own.  I have tried not to worry about it more than the situation merits.  She’s a smart kid and fares well in her daily routine.  The only aspect that had me somewhat concerned was writing.  I couldn’t get her to even hold a writing utensil correctly, or even remotely so.  She had no interest in coloring or drawing really, so efforts to make it fun were usually futile.  She would switch hands often, so I wondered if her delay was an ambidextrous issue possibly?  The more we coached her and attempted to build up interest, the more frustrated she got.  When I noticed that the focus of her preschool class was name writing and recognition, I got a little nervous for her.  I spoke to her teacher briefly about what I thought might be a delay – she didn’t seem concerned.  We didn’t give up though.  Kyle and I would ask her to write her name on her “pictures” she brought home from school.  Her version was always 5 lines with no rhyme or reason on the paper.  That’s it.  I got her a little dry erase art toy in hopes that it would encourage her to want to write more.  She pulled it out today while I was cooking dinner and when I came around the corner I saw her masterpiece.  I hurriedly snapped a photo with my phone and praised her profusely.  To me, it’s the most perfect little  K – y – l – i – e   I have ever seen  –  ironically placed on a “Wanted” poster 🙂


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