Photographic Memory.

I stared down at my newborn baby girl sleeping snugly in my arms.  I loved the way her lips pooched out with the sweetest little pucker imaginable.  I couldn’t stop holding her tiny, wrinkled fingers and toes.  I desperately tried to memorize the way her froggy legs loved to be fetal-like still – cradling her little pot belly with a fading umbilical cord on top.  Her long eye lashes swept her chubby cheeks and just watching her breathe would be endless entertainment for me.  The days flew by – weeks and months turned into years.  All my honest attempts of memorizing the details of our daughter faded quickly.  I wish I would have invested more into professional photography of her during those priceless moments.  I may never be able to remember every detail that makes up her childhood, but at least now I know I can always take a picture.  Don’t procrastinate capturing those moments that one day you will wish could have lasted forever.  Even the best of our memories is never photographic.




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