Counting Down To Christmas

Getting ready for Christmas means something different to each of us.  While one mom may first think of completing her shopping, another may be writing out her baking list.  Dads hang lights outside, Christmas trees go up, and decorations find their way to every nook and cranny.  I have never been much of a holiday decorator.  I have great intentions and big ideas, but zero motivation to deck my halls.  I’m no baker either, and shopping is almost always a last minute ordeal for me.  This isn’t an ideal holiday picture I’m painting here, I know, but – it’s ME.  I’ve realized that there are some parts of counting down to Christmas that are important to me and have since become a “tradition” of sorts in my family.  We love going to see the Christmas parade each year and getting out to see all of the Christmas lights.  We do a few simple crafts and send out Christmas cards with an updated family photo each year as well.  On Christmas Eve, we bake a birthday cake for Jesus and sing to him.  This year we happened to see a live Nativity scene that Kylie was mesmerized with – I think I will add that to our count down tradition for now on.  Last night, Kyle and Kylie made the Christmas gingerbread house too.  I joked with him saying that since we had to make one without him last year, he should make one with Kylie this year.  He said ok, and off they went!  They did a pretty good job, I must say, complete with shredded coconut as the “snow”.

What are some traditions that you and your family enjoy as you prepare for Christmas?  I would love to add a few more fun, meaningful ideas to my list.  I hope you all are enjoying your count down to Christmas!



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