Unnecessary Madness

Does YOUR Christmas morning look like this?


I know our Christmas morning almost always looks like this.  Although, it may be worse because we celebrate at multiple houses.  I’m pretty sure they ALL look like this.  I know Christmas morning for me has not always been this excessive.  I remember a few years as a child having very small Christmases.  Ironically, at that time I never thought to myself “this is a very small Christmas”.  In fact, I was ecstatic with my new umbrella and the handful of other small gifts I received.  It was when the extravaganza began and grew that I thought to myself “this is a very BIG Christmas”.  Had it never grown, I doubt I would have ever noticed.  I was grateful – and happy.  Now, a few decades later (I’m 21 again), we are in the middle of an entitled generation.  Expectations are high, demands are even higher.  Parents are busy keeping up with the Jones’ hoping their children will receive as much as the next kid.  I know, I’ve done it too.  I can’t help but wonder though, what have we done??   At what point will we as parents stop the madness and make a change, because it’s up to us you know.  I decided to make that change this year.  Kylie will be getting a handful of gifts from us – one I even bought second hand.  Part of her Christmas presents will be helping another child have a Merry Christmas, and we intend to make her a vital part of it.  Christmas is foremost about Jesus Christ, our Savior born to give his life for us.  It’s about giving.  Giving to our children for Christmas is very important, however, if all we’re doing is giving to them excessively, then all they are learning is to take, expect, and demand.  Make the change with me this year!

*the above images were accumulated from http://www.pinterest.com and http://www.google.com and were not taken by me*


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