Being a native Floridian, I never saw snow in the Winter.  In fact, it wasn’t until a family vacation to north Georgia one winter that I finally saw it at all.  It was not uncommon to have friends in highschool and even college that were still snow virgins.  I never thought that was strange either, I guess it was just a part of growing up in Florida.  We as Floridians had something that other states didn’t have though – snow birds.  We saw them every year usually between December and April and they were painfully easy to spot.  They were albino white tourists playing in the ocean in the middle of winter.  In their defense, Florida winters probably resembled a yankee’s spring – we still made it a point to laugh at them having a tan-less beach day at 60 degree weather.

Now in Kentucky, we usually get a little bit of snow each winter.  This year has been  much different though – it’s mid January and we have only seen a little dusting of a snowfall one evening.  Kylie was tickled pink though, regardless of the laughable amount.  The ice over night made roads dangerous, so schools were closed for a “snow day”.  Kylie was dressed in her snow clothes immediately – ready to go out and make snow angels and a snow man.  I wasn’t sure how to explain to her that the millimeter of white stuff wasn’t enough, so I just went with it.  We made sure to head out early in the morning since I knew it would all be melted by noon.  She ran around in it, tried to eat it (disgusting), and layed in it attempting a snow angel.  It turned more into a mud angel, but who’s keeping track?

I’m sure all of the people driving by or even our neighbors were giggling at us though.  Dressed for a blizzard “playing” in a sprinkling of snow early in the morning.  I’m sure we were the true snowbirds this winter.


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