Watch Me Grow! Fort Campbell Maternity & Newborn Photographer

I have thoroughly enjoyed the influx of maternity and newborn portraits lately.  The glow of a pregnant woman beaming with life is a miracle that begs to be captured.  I love the faces of the family about to gain a new member and I just adore the little ones tickled pink with the pending older sibling title.  Like many moments in life that we want to remember, pregnancy is temporary.  I am always honored to be included in the memory making with maternity portraits.

Newborn portraits are a favorite of mine.  Another fleeting moment;  another miracle happening before my eyes.  Being a part of a child’s very first portrait session is a very special opportunity – I am truly grateful for all of the parents who have chosen me to fill this role.

Even better than a maternity or newborn portrait session is BOTH!  I get to revel in the beauty of belly full of life while comparing the features of the family members as I watch them beam with pride.  I am blessed beyond belief to be able to see the baby within a week of birth while capturing the memories of this bonding family.  I love comparing newborn noses to mom and dad’s nose and playing the guessing game.

Here are some images from my most recent maternity and newborn combo – such a beautiful family with a brand new baby boy.  I have enjoyed marking these moments and milestones for this newly expanded family.

Thank you for supporting me and referring me!

Pictured Moments By April | Maternity & Newborn

Clarksville, TN and Fort Campbell, KY


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