Welcome Home Jaxon! Fort Campbell Newborn Photographer

My very first time being hired as a photographer was on May 3rd, 2011.  Although I spent months learning, researching, shadowing, and experimenting after I received my first DSLR in February, it wasn’t until May that I got paid.  I was ecstatic – someone liked me and my work enough to pay me to photograph their welcome home ceremony reuniting their family after a year long deployment.  It was very surreal to me.

I wrote about that memorable first session of mine here:  Heartfelt Homecoming  although I think this is the first time I’m announcing that it was technically the first time I got paid.  I thoroughly enjoyed welcoming home a soldier and celebrating with the Major family as they became one big happy family again.  I felt honored to be capturing these memories for them and blessed to be able to call this “work”.

Fast forward to February and I was able to spend quality time with the Major family again.  This time they brought their new addition to their family – Jaxon – for those priceless newborn portraits that everyone loves.  I was tickled pink holding him and even more so when I saw his older brother and how much he had grown since last May.  My heart smiled as soon as I realized that this family started my journey last year and kept it going strong this year.  Thank you<3

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