Beautiful Simplicity | Newborn Photographer

Newborn portraits are my favorite!  I just adore brand new, precious infants willing to be sleepily posed for the sake of a portrait to last a lifetime.  Typically, my newborn sessions take place in my home studio with a plethora of props, soft blankets, delicate headbands, baskets and decor.  I work with an octobox studio light, my speedlight, and reflectors to achieve the look that matches my style.  It’s all a process and I love it!

While visiting Florida, I was asked to take portraits of my friends’ brand new baby girl.  I wholeheartedly agreed because it’s what I love the most, however, I didn’t have any of my equipment with me besides my camera!  {GASP}.  I attempted to take the bull by the horns on this issue anyway by setting up near a window for some beautiful natural light.  I threw a couple of couch pillows on the floor and draped a blanket from the top of changing table {via hair clips} and down over the pillows.  Voila.  That was my “set”.  This was completely out of my element, yet the images are some of my favorites ever.

Ellie smiled nearly the whole time and her mommy even brought a little headband for her to wear.  I was able to still give them the style of newborn portraits they were seeking and that made my day.  I realized then that limitations are usually set by us when we don’t feel equipped.  It’s up to us to break them down and keep it simple!

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