Not A Moment Too Soon | Fort Campbell Newborn Photographer

I love newborn photography. There is just something magical about capturing those precious days {the first 10 to be exact} where the little angels are still curled up in womb-like positions.  Typically, after those very fleeting days, babies stretch out, are more alert, and resist most sleepy posing that parents adore.  The parents of this beautiful baby girl contacted me in a moment of desperation.  Their newborn photographer dropped the ball once their baby was born.  I am not positive what the circumstances were, I just knew that here was a little princess who had been patiently waiting for weeks on newborn portraits – even though she wasn’t technically considered a “newborn” anymore by most photographers’ definitions.  It broke my heart to know that those fleeting, womb-like, sleeping portraits that this family desired may be just a wish.  We scheduled as soon as we could and the parents were overly patient as I did my best to get the most “newborn-like” portraits possible.  This little angel was just as sweet as can be – she must have known we were shooting for the stars that day.  Her parents were ecstatic with her portraits, which makes me feel like I made a difference.  To me, that’s all that matters.

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9 thoughts on “Not A Moment Too Soon | Fort Campbell Newborn Photographer

  1. OMG 🙂 we can’t thank you enough April for stepping in. You are absolutely amazing and I dread moving because I wish it was you capturing the rest of 1st years pictures. Thank you for being so patient with her and fitting us in as soon as you did. Thanks again girl ❤

  2. Thank you April for taking excellent pictures of my beautiful granddaughter. Leaving in Texas pictures are all i see on a daily basis. There are some family members that haven’t had the chance to met her yet. You can only imagine what these pictures will bring to their hearts. So from my family to you Thank You and God bless you!

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