Double Time!

After a successful casting call, I recently made my first attempt at newborn twins!  I have to admit that I was slightly petrified prior – what if I bombed it???  There is a very small window of opportunity to truly capture that brand new baby phase, so often times a re-shoot isn’t an option.  I studied twin posing that I loved, pinned images that really resonated with me by artists that I admired, and asked my dear friend Amber Richter to assist with the soothing and posing (who could resist that job???).   I was as ready as I was going to be when the family arrived and I have to confess that it all went much smoother than I anticipated.  The girls were angels, big brother filled the role with pride, and the parents were just as patient as can be.  These are just a few “sneak peeks” from the session – I can’t wait to post more!

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5 thoughts on “Double Time!

  1. Fabulous!!!! You did a great job! I really love the sugar and spice one (it’s tooo cute) and the one with big brother. I know the parents will absolutely adore them.

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